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Long awaited design

Full-service interior design service for residential and small commercial projects in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

We’re here to help you fall in love with your home all over again!

From one-room makeovers to whole-house refreshers to complete renovation projects, Linda Long of Long awaited design will be your partner in creating a beautiful, harmonious, and functional home that reflects your true essence and style.

Whatever your style – traditional or modern, striking or serene, or something in between – we will help you achieve your vision. We will manage the process every step of the way to ensure that your renewed space is exactly how you imagined it – on time, on budget, and hassle-free.

Ready to talk with about your project?

From condos to mansions, your living space matters.

It is where you spend time with family and friends, where you prepare meals for your nourishment, where you retreat from the busyness of the day, where you rejuvenate through hobbies and entertainment, where you make memories, and where you take shelter from the outside world.

It may also be where you run your business, explore creative endeavors, or do volunteer work.

Our homes serve us in so many ways. And it matters what you see and feel as you look, move, live, and work around your home. In fact, research shows that the aesthetic environment we create within our home has powerful effects on our mental and physical health. The choices we make with color, lighting, textures, patterns, and room organization all create a response within us.

At Long awaited design, we will help you create a home that looks and feels beautiful, a home that contributes to your wellness, and a home that inspires you to love it!

Want to take a peek at our process?

There are a variety of situations that create a need or desire for interior design assistance. Here are some common situations that inspire homeowners to engage our services:

  • A new home purchase where the home is just perfect, except for that one issue that just has to be addressed.
  • An older home that needs updated in order to make the space more appealing and functional for the homeowner.
  • Space needs to be redefined to accommodate life changes such as having a child, sending kids off to college, aging, having a new family member move in, starting a new business, retiring, or pursuing a hobby.
  • Updates are needed for investment value or to prepare the home for sale.

Though hiring an interior designer may seem like a luxury, in so many ways, it is a very practical choice. Long awaited design will be your partner in the journey — helping you define your vision, saving you time and money, creating a plan that simplifies the process and alleviates the overwhelm, and taking on the heavy, stressful load of project and contractor management.

On the surface, home projects are exciting, creative, and fun! And sometimes they truly are. But sometimes, diving in solo can quickly turn into a headache. There are the seemingly endless decisions to make, the sometimes frustrating quest for the perfect items, the second-guessing of your vision and the feasibility of your plan, the time spent dealing with scheduling and managing contractors, the pain of trying to stay on budget, and, of course, there are the inevitable hiccups and mishaps. All too soon, the stress can start outweighing that initial spark of excitement you started with.

But, when you work with Linda Long, you can relax and enjoy the process with your trusted partner at your side!

  • We bring the expert consultation and personalized service to create a design you love, because you deserve better than just another cookie-cutter plan.
  • We will develop a realistic plan that helps you avoid costly mistakes.
  • We manage your project (and your budget) from start to finish – literally until the last detail has been completed to your liking.
  • We bring tried and true contractors, manufacturers, vendors, and products to the table and we handle all scheduling, ordering, troubleshooting, and communications.
  • Led by your style preferences, we shop with trusted sources to bring just the right items directly to your home for your consideration.
  • We have access to professional grade materials and products.
  • We pass our contractor savings on to you.

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